Dyslexia and ChatGPT: Empowered tutoring


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This course took place on 4 November 2023 via Zoom and was presented by Kimberly Downey and Chris Downey. The course has been broken down into bitesize modules and includes an interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

Empower your tutoring for dyslexic learners with ChatGPT and unlock a new dimension. Adapt, personalize, and innovate with the help of AI. Integrating ChatGPT into dyslexia tutoring offers personalized and interactive learning experiences, providing 24/7 assistance in a non-judgmental environment. The model’s ability to generate varied resources, offer immediate feedback, and continuously adapt supports learners in overcoming dyslexic challenges. While serving as a valuable supplemental tool, it is essential to incorporate ChatGPT within a comprehensive tutoring program that includes diverse strategies and human guidance.

Join the Read Write Spell Right Community today! This private forum, rooted primarily in Barton tutoring experience, offers a neutral space to explore new ways to support dyslexia remediation with open and welcoming discussions.